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Today we launch the next phase of the Chilopod project: our Hatchfund crowdfunding site is open for business and accepting donations! An idea born a year ago with a simple sketch and a few friends grew into a collaboration of dozens of artists and now is a full-fledged, large scale art project that embodies the best form of ourselves: creative, curious, and playful.

The Chilopod [ky-lo-pod] is an interactive, biomorphic structure that will premiere at Burning Man 2018 and will continue living as a sculpture in Bay Area public spaces afterwards. It is 18 feet tall, 30 feet wide, 55 feet long, built mostly of wood, is covered with LEDs, and has a spine that is an adult scaled slide. An artificially intelligent, insect-like creature, it will be brought to life with human touch and sound. It is designed to evoke a living organism, in order to remind us of our integration with the natural world rather than our superiority to it.

Through art we manifest the mystery and magic in each of us, both the creators and the receivers. Art engages in pure creativity, whether spiritual, social, political, or personal. Donating to the arts builds a community in which we are all artists, engaging in self-expression. Support the Chilopod to bring positive change to the world, and to foster innovation, collaboration and community building. Support this project to bring organic architecture and interactive experiential art to public spaces. Support the Chilopod to participate in the creation of art. Support the Chilopod because it is amazing!


Making Art,

Lawrence Grown

Lead Designer of the Chilopod

Join Us and Support Public Art

P.S. We had a great luncheon event at Revival Bar + Kitchen in Berkeley last week. Thanks all for coming out for the reveal of the Chilopod model.

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