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Teach Youth The Truth

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Teach Youth The Truth, a mural by Shawn Gibson, Irene Takahashi-Coker, Cristian Munoz, and Pancho Pescador, in Berkeley, CA.

Seven faces of civil rights leaders fanning left to right. These are people of color that today’s children need to know about, but who might not be taught in history classes. The mural includes information about the people depicted to promote further independent reading.

This beautiful mural is now complete. It is dedicated to these seven educators and social justice activists:

Yuri Kochiyama, Dennis Banks, Howard Zinn, Juana Alicia, Beatriz Levya-Cutler, KRS-1, and Sylvia Mendez. (faces left to right)

Come visit the south side of Metro Lighting In the Oil Changers parking area to see it up close. (2240 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA)

This mural was made possible through a public art grant by

Commotion West Berkeley.

Learn more about recent CommotionWB grant projects here.

Follow the artists on instagram:

@ireneshiori, @panchopescador, @kilimunoz, @deredwrk

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