envelope a+d


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2212 Sixth Street, Berkeley, California 94710


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envelope A+D is exploring points between polarities: public + private; temporary + permanent; flexible + fixed; design + execution. It is an open, flexible container in which creativity and experimentation occur; a collaborative design group inclusive of outside disciplines and individuals. We design spaces as platforms for eliciting interactions both expected and unforeseen, and for the convergence of the networks— physical, social, public, private—that activate place. We embed flexibility in our designs because we think that responsiveness—to people, a neighborhood, a city, and an economy—is the way to set the pace of change, and not just keep up with it. We reconceptualize modes of living and building to advance new spatial models and to craft compelling visions of the emerging urban condition. We design with immediacy and for the future, believing that these are not mutually exclusive: that the temporary should be durable and the permanent should be adaptive. We implement sustainable practices in our work at all levels, from the material to the regional, reflecting our belief that architects, as creative thinkers, must also be stewards of our shared environment.