MacBeath Hardwood

(510) 843 - 4390

930 Ashby Ave

Berkeley, California 94564

Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 4:30PM (PT)

Saturday 9AM - 3PM (PT)

MacBeath Hardwood was established on Ashby Avenue in 1954. Still a family owned company, we have grown into a five location business spread across the United States, three of which are located in the Bay Area. We inventory over 70 species of lumber in thicknesses that range from ¼” to 4” thick. In addition to our vast hardwood selection, our stock list also includes hardwood plywood, exotic veneers, solid hardwood countertops, tools and many other woodworking accessories. We offer custom millwork and delivery services throughout the Bay Area. As an FSC certified company, MacBeath Hardwood is fully committed to respecting the balance between the forest and the marketplace. While professional woodworkers have valued MacBeath’s 60 year tradition for decades, designers, architects and entry level woodworkers also gravitate to our team of hardwood specialists on Ashby Avenue as a launching pad for conceptual innovation.