Dear San Pablo Avenue merchant,
This email is to introduce the San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project and ask for your help in understanding your business’s loading and unloading needs via this online survey:
This project is working to make San Pablo Avenue safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for all users: people who walk, drive, bike, take the bus, and take BART. This effort focuses on San Pablo Avenue from downtown Oakland to Hilltop Mall/Richmond Parkway, traversing Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond and the City of San Pablo.
The City of Berkeley is working with the Alameda County Transportation Commission, AC Transit, Caltrans, Contra Costa County transportation agencies, and neighboring cities on the project, which will identify both near-term transportation improvements, as well as a longer-term vision for the corridor. At different locations along the corridor, the project could include improvements such as transit priority treatments to improve bus reliability, enhanced bus stops or stations, signal modernization and coordination, commercial loading strategies, pedestrian safety improvements, and/or improved bicycle infrastructure.
San Pablo Avenue carries tens of thousands of people every day between downtown Oakland and Hilltop Mall, connecting multiple communities to job and activity centers. Completing this survey will ensure that your business’s loading/unloading needs are considered alongside the needs of others who use the corridor.   
Please let me know if you have questions about the San Pablo Avenue Project or this survey or contact the project team at  
Thank you.
Victoria Eisen
Eisen|Letunic Transportation, Environmental and Urban Planning
1936 University Avenue, Suite 250
Berkeley, CA 94704
o 510-525-0220
c 510-219-2991

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