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West Berkeley Design Loop Mixer Overview


All members of the West Berkeley Design Loop are invited to host a community mixer!

Here are a few details and answers to questions you might have.  


-Why host a mixer?

Hosting a mixer is a fantastic opportunity to let the community know your unique offerings. As a host, you are encouraged to give a presentation on your work. This can vary from an informal talk to a slideshow, typically lasting 5-10 minutes. You can also offer a tour!


-What we offer hosts?

WBDL will send an email introducing your business, including a photo and write up you provide and, of course, a link inviting people to explore your website. This will go out 2-3 times before the mixer, and another time after.


-Who gets to host?

Only members are invited to host.


-What are host responsibilities?

Please plan on refreshments for 20-30 people. What you offer is up to you, but past hosts have provided a cheese platter with crackers (including gluten free), hummus or other dips with cut veggies, chips and salsa, nuts and olives, dried and fresh fruit, something chocolate, and a couple bottles of wine along with a non-alcoholic beverage like kombucha or juice. One host had a large pot of lentil soup as well as some middle eastern style appetizers, so feel free to get creative!


-What we need ahead of time for promotion?

Photo/s, a brief company description or pitch, details about parking or entry, if any, and what visitors can expect to see.


-What are the Design Loop’s responsibilities?

We will take snapshots, provide name tags, sign in sheets, wrap-up details if any. Lawrence or another member will stay until the last guest leaves, for clean up help and security.


-Event logistics/agenda


Snacks, mingling

Circle- introductions

Host presentation/slides/tour



Please contact Rachelle Padgett, WBDL Outreach Coordinator, with any questions or concerns at  We look forward to seeing you!

You can also email

Venues must be ADA accessible.

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