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Our Mission

For homeowners and building owners:

Our mission is to provide a productive and convenient shopping experience. Our members offer unique products and expert advice you won’t find elsewhere. We are experts in our fields, eager to advise you on your project. We work with each other in the spirit of "co-opetition” - to help you find the best solution for your vision. If one member doesn’t have what you need, we will direct you to the most pertinent resource in our network. 


West Berkeley has the highest concentration of independent design and building professionals and home improvement merchants in the Bay Area. You can design and construct a home or building from the ground up with the resources we offer, and furnish it too. From concept to completion, foundations to finishes, lumber to lighting, you’ll find it all here.


A design project can be daunting, but we aim to make it fun and accessible. Visit The Design Loop and make your project as unique and interesting as you are!



For merchants and members of the design community:

We help more customers find what they seek: the unique products and services that you offer.


We build awareness throughout the Bay Area about our location, our offerings, and our extensive network. We participate in community events, promote members through social media, advertise in targeted design events, and publicize our website. 


We support our clients immensely by sharing the local resources that best fit their project. By knowing what our neighbors offer, we can make precise referrals within our network. Our printed brochures, which are distributed throughout our network, are a valuable resource to help clients find your offerings. 


Everyone wins. Happy clients refer more clients, and the cycle continues:)

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