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"For decades Berkeley has nurtured local design suppliers, each reflecting the creativity, resourcefulness, and values of the community. The West Berkeley Design Loop finally puts the collection on the map and gives both designers and their clients a starting point to find materials connected to our shared history."

-Barbara Tien,


"Excellent concept. Now, instead of thinking of the individual home improvement stores, I know there's a whole group of them and I can find pretty much anything."
-Wilma Marianne Wyss

"I've worked with a number of your affiliates through the years and they were all terrific.!"


"Volunteering with the Design Loop is a great way to give

back to the neighborhood while networking with an amazing group of people."


"I hadn't known there were so many designers and contractors in the neighborhood until I became a Design Loop Affiliate."

"We shop as often as we can in West Berkeley. We've probably been in 2/3 of the shops on the list. I had a stained glass window repaired by Stained Glass Garden; our new brass front door lock is from Truitt and White. We try to stay out of the Gardener because everything there is irresistible — but we don't succeed, and the new chairs in the back yard are the most recent evidence of that." 
-Carol Ness

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