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Industry Professional Membership - 1 year

$200 Annually

One-person operations only.

Architects, Artisans, Contractors, Consultants, Designers, Engineers, Makers, Real Estate Agents, etc.


Increase awareness of your business and brand through our various promotional channels. Receive business leads and referrals from local influencers. Share your news, events, and promotions through our Newsletter and social media channels.


Website: Your Business will be listed on the directory which includes an online map with your location. The directory is also categorized to showcase your expertise and product offerings.


Brochures: Your business will be listed on the Design Loop printed map which is distributed at partner sales counters and offices. Approximately 10,000 have been distributed to date. (Memberships must be confirmed before printing deadlines.) You’ll also receive a table-tent brochure display for your location, replenished as needed.


Group advertising: Reach targeted clients at industry events and home tours with our group advertising. (AIA home tours, Decorator Showcase, Rockridge Kitchen Tour, CSL Heart of the Home Tour, etc.)


Social media: The Design Loop will follow your social media accounts and regularly like and share your posts. We’ll repeat them on the Design Loop home page and share on Buy Local Berkeley social media when appropriate.


Collateral: Receive on request a Design Loop Promotional banner for your location, approximately 2’x4’, and a Design Loop window decal, plus the brochures mentioned above.


Newsletter: Receive the Design Loop Newsletter with pertinent local design and business news. New members are offered an introduction to the design community readership through our Newsletter.


Group promotions: Make use of periodic promotional opportunities from local organizations including Buy Local Berkeley, Chinook Book, and Townsquared.


Referrals: Benefit from member referrals and improve the referrals you offer your clients by getting to know the unique products and services available nearby.


Community: Help us to strengthen our design community, and get to know your professional neighbors by participating in our events. Help build buzz about West Berkeley and the tremendous resources available in the neighborhood.


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