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Tracy Davis Realtor

(510) 301-3924

1891 Solano Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707

I moved to the Bay Area to attend Mills College, where I earned both a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Book Arts. I enjoyed a long and rewarding career as a graphic designer, working at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for many years, as well as maintaining a freelance design business.

In 1989, I became a homeowner, and eventually a landlord — both pivotal events, especially here in the Bay Area! — and found my interest in design expanding to encompass architecture, landscape design, and horticulture. I have since renovated four homes and gardens, doing some of the work myself, and managing contractors for large projects such as roofing and foundation work, earthquake retrofitting, window replacement, energy efficiency, kitchen/bath design, and landscaping.

As a Realtor, I apply these skills every day — what fun! I bring a hands-on approach and a comprehensive experience of home-ownership to every transaction, along with an ability to listen carefully to your needs, to think creatively, and to guide you with warmth, energy and a sense of humor through the challenging process of buying or selling a home.

While I work individually now, you may already know me as part of the Davis and Goodwin team--a very successful and rewarding partnership that lasted for 15 years--longer than many marriages! These days we often collaborate, juggling our schedules to accommodate our business and family commitments. 

Let’s talk about your real estate plans, present and future!

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