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A Modern Craftsman Reinvented

Sogno. Dreams in three dimensions

At Sogno Design Group it is about Collaboration and Sustainable Architecture.

Our clients come to us dissatisfied with what is. They have tastes and convictions, budgets and constraints. They live in neighborhoods as well as houses. They envision a more workable life. We have the skill to transform challenging spaces into living solutions. We’re practical, realistic, honest. We ask a million questions: How do you want to live? What do you need? Working together, we free up possibility. We capture your dream and give it dimension. The process is often as beautiful as the result.

We view remodeling as a kind of recycling. The traditional lines of a classic house, a Victorian, say, or a Craftsman Bungalow needn’t limit the home owner to life in a museum piece. How to build on tradition for a modern life? Remodeling, second story additions, outdoor spaces are ways to revitalize a classic home, and give it an enduring, relevant future.

Watch the transformation of this incredible craftsman as it is reinvented.


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