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Reinvent Your Space

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

With all the recent curveballs in our lives, our home environments have become more important than ever before. The impact of design and lighting choices can make or break a good environment.

If you are looking to reinvent or just add a splash of freshness to your space, The Gardener on Fourth Street offers a unique and ever changing collection of home and garden wares combining art and function.

“There are three things that people who love the garden absolutely identify with—light, scent, texture. They are what I try to bring together in the store.”

–Alta Tingle, Founder & Owner of The Gardener

Hand-Stamped Italian Linen Collection

Block-printed by hand using carved pear-wood blocks, Bertozzi has been producing fine fabrics in Italy for one hundred years.

Artist Colette Hannahan paints "the moments that cause me to look up, slow down, and stop wondering if taking vitamins really makes a difference. I start with a slice of architecture or landscape and I build up layers of color and glazes until the fog rolls in and the light spins through the open sky."

Giclee on archival paper, 2018. 8.5 X 11 inches paper, art measures 7 1/4 inches square.

Boulder Mugs

The organic contours of our Boulder Mugs look weathered by wind and rain (or maybe just frequent cups of tea). Beautiful to hold as you enjoy them each morning. Each mug is slightly different and unique.

Seaweed Saves the World

A watercolor series by Berkeley artist Jessica Abbott Williams

Watercolor on paper, 22x29in

Vintage Kokeshi Dolls

These beautiful simple wooden Japanese dolls with no arms or legs have been crafted for more than 150 years as a toy for children.

Mahogany "Wave" Bowl

This lightweight fruit and salad bowl is made from hand-crafted Mahogany wood, sustainably sourced from the Petén Jungle in Guatemala. The subtle curves of this fruit bowl make for a lovely kitchen accessory, perfect for storing fruit, serving out salad, or displaying small household items.

Handcrafted in Guatemala using ethically sourced, certified and responsibly harvested exotic woods.

Very Uplifting Color

Oil paintings by East Bay artist Nancy B. Hartley in a variety of colors and sizes.

Plenty of inspiration for re-inventions of all types of spaces! Shop local and visit The Gardener at 1836 Fourth Street in Berkeley CA or shop online at


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