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A1 Sun, Inc. Solar Design, Installation, Energy Storage

Updated: Mar 4, 2020


Create wealth. Solar makes financial sense. Very few investments add value to your home while being free from increased property taxes. Energy rates will only increase as new demand is created, electrical infrastructure ages, and fossil fuel scarcity drives prices higher. Generating your own electricity protects you from rising utility rates and produces income from day one. Hedge against higher energy prices with your solar system.

Clean energy for yourself and our planet. If you are concerned about climate change - Take Action.You can eliminate your home’s carbon footprint. Generate abundant, renewable, fossil-free energy for yourself and your neighbors.

Energy independence, from an individual, local or global perspective. As an Independent Energy Producer (IEP), feed your excess solar electricity into the grid and get paid for it. Now with AB 920,Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) is law. Your utility has to pay you for your excess production. Energy independence is a beautiful thing.

A1 Sun is family owned and managed. Our team of knowledgeable installers and design professionals come from within our local community. Our community is our customer base. Our customer base is our best advocate.


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