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Ashby Lumber - Community Partners

Ashby Lumber has partnered and volunteered with Rebuilding Together on the Horizon Transitional Village in West Berkeley. Ashby is very excited to be a part of such an important community project.

The Horizon Village is giving our neighbors a place to call home. We're helping the community by building transitional housing and making an accessible community space. They have rehabilitated an unused warehouse on Grayson Street into a residential and community space. In addition to a place to live, this facility will provide meals, workshops, services and more to our most vulnerable neighbors.

You can learn more about this project and how to volunteer or donate here.

Rebuilding Together East Bay North's (RTEBN) service model brings together impressive numbers of volunteers and accomplishes in six hours what would take a standard work team many days to complete.

Repairs are performed by a variety of volunteers: working with licensed plumbers, electricians and general contractors, but also include regular citizens who share our vision and want to be a part of our good work.

The efforts of our hardworking volunteers and donors pay off: in our 28 years of operation we have improved more than 650 homes and 140 Community Facilities, leveraging community support by 500%.

For every $1,000 we receive in donations or grants, we are able to provide $5,000 in goods and services to our clients. We are the best investment our sponsors can make; our rate of return is better than any other investment out there today.

Visit their website to find out how you can help. Become a sponsor like these West Berkeley Design Loop members: Albert Nahman Plumbing, HDR Remodeling, and Ashby Lumber.


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