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Can You Dig It? Basement Excavation talk with HDR Remodeling

HDR Remodeling ~ FAQ on Basement Excavation and Additions

When building up or out is out of the question, go down under with a basement addition.

If you love your home, but it’s become a tight fit, a basement addition is an increasingly popular option for Coastal East Bay homeowners constrained by lot space, and/or permitting issues. Moreover, a basement addition provides a way to double your home’s livable square footage - never a bad thing when you’re ready to sell – and ranks near the top of home remodeling projects for yielding the best return on investment.

With dozens of projects in our portfolio, HDR Remodeling has extensive experience in basement additions and home excavations. We’ve compiled a Top 10 List of Frequently Asked Questions to familiarize you with the cost, process, caveats, and considerations crucial to adding a basement to your East Bay home.

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