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Deeds Design - Recent ADU in West Berkeley

Welcome to our newest Design Loop member Deeds Design. This article is reposted from their blog and authored by Sarah Deeds.

A 3d model we built as a schematic design tool. A few things changed and not all the details are there, but you can get a sense of the overall layout.

This was a rebuild of an existing garage. (We had to rebuild it to meet the energy standards for habitable space, but we had to keep it the same as the garage in footprint, height, and roofline. ) The owners wanted to keep it simple…and kind of traditional. We think it turned out well. The heating is a Fujitsu minisplit, the insulation is beyond code including slab edge insulation, lighting is all LED, high efficacy, & high CRI. A spot HRV keeps the air fresh even when the owners are out of town.

Big doors to the patio open wide on a nice day.

We kept a flat ceiling and a traditional attic for simplicity.

A wall of cabinets on the property line side…120 Volt LED track lighting.

McBride construction planned ahead and added flat blocks for mounting all the exterior electrical and plumbing.

The Kitchenette – induction cooktop with a toaster oven and microwave covers most cooking needs..and a remote fan in the ceiling.

The electrical panel got a little roof and side screens.

The efficient full bathroom.

My helper, Éowyn, enjoying the cool tiled shower.


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