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End the Age of Waste

At Urban Ore in Berkeley, it is always a good day to Reuse, Repurpose, & Recycle.

These Hermin Miller office chairs are really fabulous. So ergonomic!!

Throughout its long history, Urban Ore has worked on building the reuse and recycling industries. It has been active in the politics of recycling, participating in regional and national organizations as well as countless activist and advocacy actions. It has helped write several influential pieces of legislation that became law by votes of either citizens or elected officials. It has designed community-scale Zero Waste facilities domestically and abroad. It has based its works on the concepts of founder Dr. Daniel Knapp, a sociologist who was listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering for his development of 12 Master Categories of Discarded Resources.

Check out some of the wonderful items recently arrived at Urban Ore, 900 Murray Street, Berkeley, CA.

Adrian Pearsall "jacks" coffee table.

Malm Firedrum 2. This one really takes the cake.The fireplace is gas or wood, and the finish is in immaculate condition. If you're aiming for a mid-century modern look this really fits the bill.

More fabulous items: Some vintage suitcases in tip top shape, and rattan furniture. Make your friends think you have traveled the world, or at least traveled to Urban Ore to furnish your house. One of the coolest pieces of lighting ever received. If droopy, yellow and red glasswork is your thing, come check this one out.

Some primo cuts of eucalyptus wood ripe for the pickin just delivered from @bayarearedwood . If you have an outdoor project in mind this just might be the haul for you!

This Ritts Tropicana organic coffee table is probably Kona wood.

Do you need a diamond lite bay window?

Or perhaps you just want to check out the gallery our little gallery, with Jenell Del Cids installation titled "Even fruit flies have dreams". Their photography and staging is top notch. Check out more of their work online at

Its endless exploring at Urban Ore, all in the pursuit of Zero Waste!


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