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New Avenue Homes

Insights on two recent Berkeley/Oakland projects as described on New Avenues' posts:

Project 1: In this 10th Street Berkeley single family home, window packages (including the doors and windows not shown here) can approach six figures. Considering they will be enjoyed every day for 100+ years makes it easier to decide to go for it. And regardless of budget, we plan on at least 12 weeks for window delivery these days.

The 10th street Berkeley single family home (in a backyard) has one of those glass garage doors you’ve thought about getting. We think it was a good call! Plus, this "garage" will never have a car in it. It’s a brewing and welding room: yes, a mancave.

Custom cabinets, in our opinion, are almost always worth the cost. The 10 foot tall wall of storage in our 10th Street Berkeley project will likely come in handy.

Project 2: This Scenic Ave Oakland ADU illustrates how the living area and kitchen can fit together, and still allow for plenty of counter space.

The Scenic Ave Oakland ADU has zero wasted space and a special piece of furniture that makes it work!

The number of steps between your hamper and the washer/dryer: 0!

That's something you’ll appreciate at 20, and need at 80.

We recommend that you pick at least 5 things to splurge on. A great stove is almost always on the list. These ADU clients also chose large custom cabinets.


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