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New Quartz Glass

Metro Lighting is excited to introduce the Quartz Glass collection!

Handcrafted in Oakland, CA, the faceted geometry of Quartz Glass is a breathtaking example of modern craft. Subtle surface texture on the dodecahedron shape creates an enchanting contrast between light and shadow. This crystalline beauty is a timeless take on today's popular geometric lighting styles.

True to its name, this collection comes in four quartz inspired tints -

Crystal, Amethyst, Smoky, and Milky.

Local shoppers may order online at and specify "Pickup" to avoid shipping charges.


Glow in Berkeley Style

If you've ever wondered how Metro Lighting can brighten up your space then look no further! Metro Customer Photos gallery highlights happy homes glowing with Berkeley style - which represents beautifully handcrafted products made to support the community, local craftspeople, and the environment. Get inspired and excited to create a space that you love! View the customer photos.


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