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Ron Bogley Architect

The firm was named one the Best Residential Architects and Designers in Berkeley for 2020 by the Home Builders Digest.

Ron Bogley Architect extends its services throughout Northern California and specializes in custom homes, home additions, accessory dwelling units, remodeling work and separate backyard cottages of all sorts. It has been in the industry for over three decades and has since worked on every local historical style. From pre-industrial cottages and Victorian homes to Shingle, contemporary, and several mid-20th-century styles, the firm is able to cater to every client’s preferences and takes pride in how a large portion of its clientele list stems from personal referrals.

Depicted above is one of the firm’s New Olde English-Irish cottages. For this project, it made use of classic elements, as seen in the home’s stucco exteriors, small turret, and jutting pitched roofs. Additionally, several lined windows may also be observed that are reminiscent of the European countryside.

The firm is currently specializing in ADUs for new custom homes and additions/remodeling.

They emphasize helping our clients arrive at the design of the home they want, in a style and layout comfortable to them.

During their 30 years in business they have worked in virtually every local historical style – from “pre-industrial” cottages, thru the many types of 19th century Victorians, to Shingle Style and the various mid-20th Century styles, up to Contemporary/modern.

Story Credit: Home Builders Digest

Photo Credits: Ron Bogley Architect


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