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Solar Right Now

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

A1 Sun offers a custom onsite evaluation and Free Solar Estimate for your home and business.

Why it is a great time to go solar:

  • 30% Federal tax credit

  • Reduce or eliminate electricity bills

  • Add value to your home or business

  • Solar is more affordable than ever (panels are 70% less than 5 years ago)

  • Be part of the Green Revolution, and help save the planet!

Just like buying your home, an investment in an A1 Sun Solar System is a wise choice. A well designed solar system adds lasting value to your home and is exempt from property taxes. There has never been a better time to install solar than now. The 30% Federal Solar Tax credit is in place, modules have come down in price, and the sun continues to shine in California. It is a fact that non- renewable energy prices will continue to skyrocket. An A1 Sun Solar System is a sensible decision, a long term plan, and a great investment. One day every home will be solar powered. It just makes that much sense.

A House Without Solar

If you can't install solar yet, there is still plenty you can to do save electricity, reducing your bills and your carbon footprint. Here are simple, inexpensive steps that can help you immediately save energy and money:

Make sure all appliances and lights are turned off when not in use.

Turn down the thermostat on the home furnace and water heater to a minimum setting.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, or better yet, LED bulbs.

Install weather stripping around doors and windows.

Install a programmable thermostat.

Replace older appliances (refrigerators/freezers, washing machines, dryers, water heaters) with newer, more efficient models.

To get more ideas on how you can conserve energy and how to reserve your California Solar Initiative Cash Rebate you need to complete the PG&E Energy Survey.

Please continue to learn about the benefits of Solar for your home or business.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installed

Sun falls on your house or business every day and is the source for all the earth's easily available energy. Why not harness this power and produce your own electricity? Photovoltaic (PV) modules allow you to convert the energy from the sun into electricity for your home. Once you have installed your system, it will immediately start producing electricity.

You have the right to install your own power supply and sell it to your local utility. Your system meets your immediate electrical needs first. Any surplus energy produced is utilized by the electric grid. The electric utility (PG&E) measures the surplus used, and credits your account. When you use electricity during non-solar hours, you "pay" for it first with any available credit.

Solar Thermal (hot water) Installed

Humankind has utilized the sun's thermal power for thousands of years for simple tasks such as space heating, drying clothes, and drying food. However, it wasn't until the industrial revolution that people began to harness the power of the sun to provide energy for industry.

The first solar inventors focused the power of the sun with mirrors, allowing the heat generated to cook food, run steam turbines or desalinate water. Today, you can capture the heat from the sun with thermal panels. Solar Thermal or SDHW (Solar Domestic Hot Water) differs from Photovoltaic because, rather than creating electricity, these dark colored panels soak up thermal energy (heat) from the sun. This heat is then transferred to your water, and the hot water stored in super-efficient hot-water tanks. Little or no conventional energy is needed to bring water to the desired temperature in your home.

Both Solar PV and Thermal Installed

If you install both Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Systems, their effects are cumulative, saving you more energy and money.

A1 Sun is family owned and managed. Our team of knowledgeable installers and design professionals come from within our local community. Our community is our customer base. Our customer base is our best advocate. We provide superior quality systems, service, and are cost competitive. From the initial contact to your first solar kWh generated, we make sure you are fully informed. A1 Sun is with you at every step of the installation process. We are happy to answer your every question. We firmly believe in what we do. A1 Sun makes installing solar on your home or business easy.

Our Experience A1 Sun provides quality service because we know and use technologies that are proven. In addition, we constantly research and test innovative ideas. From photovoltaic (PV) to solar domestic hot water (SDHW) to electric vehicle charging stations to networked system monitoring, we have a wealth of experience. We design and install lasting, reliable, long term performance.

After A1 Sun analyzes your site parameters, we design and build the optimal size system you require. Commercial installations are a growing segment of our business. We are easy to work with. Business owners, architects, contractors and management companies are discovering how well our systems perform. A1 Sun serves each client with the same dedication to individual attention that has provided the foundation of our business.

Our Commitment to the Planet An Alameda County Certified Green Business since our first year in business, we are 100% solar powered. Solar photovoltaic arrays, power our office and charge our electric vehicles. Evacuated tube thermal collectors heat our water. We will soon upgrade our grey water recycling system. We install the same components for our clients that we use ourselves. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond what we do, to how we do it. We precycle, then recycle everything that is possible to recycle. We minimize waste and appropriately dispose of what we cannot recycle.

We Invest in Youth and the Community By example, A1 Sun actively promotes solar education and small business growth in the East Bay. We believe it is important to support the next generation. We open up as many opportunities as we can to young skilled workers within our local community, including interns and graduates from Berkeley High School, the Richmond BUILD program and others.

We Do Business Better A1 Sun has an A listing with the Better Business Bureau because of our trustworthy business practices. Our reputation is built on our integrity and high standard of workmanship

What We Do

We design and build these systems:

Photovoltaic (create electricity),

Thermal (heat your water), and

Vehicle charging (charge from solar)

We provide these services:

Systems maintenance,

Energy Analysis, and

Project Consulting


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