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Studio KDA - Designs the Bay's first "Listening Bar"

Have you been to the bay’s very first *Listening Bar* yet? What, no? Previously only found in Tokyo, London or LA, “the listening bar raises good questions about whether there might be an unrealized public-listening or group-listening ideal in a ritual as familiar as going out for a drink .” (Ben Ratcliff for @_the_new_york_times_ ). The all-vinyl jazz bar @barshiruoakland has a chill vibe, low lighting, meticulous sound and dreamy cocktails. And if you’re an audiophile you can also geek out on tube amps, turntables and custom speakers (swipe to read geeky stats at the end). by @kengutmaker + @barshiruoakland . design by @studiokda . build by northern sun construction .

Shiru features records played in their entirety on an analog, vinyl-centric sound system in a space built with acoustics as a top priority.


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