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Tile or Wood?

Tileshop's Mirage Koru, Italian Porcelain Tile

Koru is an interpretation of the wood found in fruit trees, characterized by light veining and distinctive knots. The name Koru derives from a Maori word and symbol representing new life, growth and peace. The colors of Mirage’s Koru are clean and crisp, creating a final look that creates a peaceful living space. The classic, natural colors are further enhanced by the opaque surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. The innovative finish and the high number of different images make this wood look porcelain incredibly realistic and universally appealing.

Usage & Installation

Koru is suitable for both residential and commercial settings with medium to high foot traffic.

We recommend using a tile leveling system to install this product.

Before installing the tile you should:

• Ensure the perfect planarity (flatness) of underlying floor base.

• Always double-check the quality of the tiles.

• When setting, tile should be only slightly staggered so that the ends of the tiles are within 8” or less from the ends of the corresponding staggered tile.

• Staggered spacing does not need to be uniform, but should not exceed 8” recommendation.

• It is preferable to use a grouting material that matches the color of the tiles.

For more information about this and other unique tile products visit Tileshop.


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