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Tileshop Berkeley

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The Vintage Deco line brings a fresh perspective to the world of 8x8 decorative porcelain tiles. Rather than copying patterns from encaustic/cement tiles, the concept here is to reach into a different tradition - ceramic tiles. The line is a rich tapestry of designs selected from different times and cultures. From Morocco, to Eastern Europe and then to Italy, this series takes us on a journey that celebrates the history and artistry of ceramic tile. Each pattern is lovingly recreated and produced with shading, including deliberate fading, marks and imperfections, that make it look gently worn over time. The three field colors have rich shade variation that makes them interesting options on their own as well as a balancing complement to the decos.


Founded in 1973, Tileshop has become one of the leading tile importers in California. Many of our tile lines manufactured abroad are conceived, designed and carried exclusively by us. We have established a direct working relationship with manufacturers which allows us to influence the design of new products in an ongoing effort to supply products which reflect the current trends and satisfy the demands of architects, designers and homeowners.


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