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Urban Ore ~ To End The Age of Waste

Urban Ore is a leader in the important zero waste, recycle and reuse industries.

Stop and check out their ever changing inventory like this Solid wood leaded entry door with sidelite panel, and matching sink and claw foot tub.

Urban Ore was formed to serve the community’s interest in having a reuse salvaging operation, the City incubated Urban Ore by providing the company licensed access to the resources – scrap metals and reusable goods.

Throughout its long history, Urban Ore has worked on building the reuse and recycling industries. It has been active in the politics of recycling, participating in regional and national organizations as well as countless activist and advocacy actions. It has helped write several influential pieces of legislation that became law by votes of either citizens or elected officials.

Did you know that Urban Ore BUYS and sells used solar panels? The solar industry has matured to the point where sometimes when a homeowner needs a new roof, they decide to get a new solar system as well. What happens to the older system? Currently, the options aren't great. At best, the panels get recycled, but this is a cost because they are considered hazardous waste in California. However, if the panels are sold for reuse (their original intended purpose) then they aren't waste at all. Solar panels typically lose efficiency at only 1/2% per year, so a ten year old system still has plenty of useful life left. Urban Ore is trying to be at the forefront of a burgeoning solar equipment reuse market.

Learn more about them and what they have to offer at or on their facebook page


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